Suomalaisen urheilun kannatuskortti

Let’s save Finnish sports clubs!

We will publish 27.3.20 at Cardu platform a support card for all sports clubs called Suomalaisen urheilun kannatuskortti. We will inform our 400 000 users about the card via notification to their mobile phones and email, if they have allowed marketing messages.

The price of the support cards is 30€, of which the club shall receive 20€. The card will be delivered with the users name, sports club name that they want to support and a code that they can use to download Cityshoppari-app for free. The information will be stamped on to the card.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can any sports club join the campaign?

Yes they can. Sing up your club by sending email to

2. What are the requirements for the club?

The club must notify the contact person who has access to the club’s bank account. You can send the information to

3. Is there anything else the club should know?

The club should have a permit to collect small amounts of money, as directed by the police. It is quick to process and usually takes about 5 business days. The application is submitted to your own police district. An approved application may allow the club to set up other measures to raise money, so you should do it right away.

When you receive the number of an approved license, please notify immediately and we will add it on the list after the club’s name.

More information about the permit here

4. How are money transactions handled?

A. Sunduka reports monthly to the club the previous month’s gross accrual, that is, card purchases, excluding Sundukan Oy’s expenses.

B. The club invoices Sunduka Oy, on a monthly basis for the aforementioned gross amount.

  • We prefer e-invoicing primarily. E-invoicing address: IBAN(OVT) 003723030552, Operator: 003721291126 (Maventa), Data format: Finvoice
  • Email invoices:
  • Letter invoice scanning service:
    Sunduka Oy
    PL 100
    80020 Kollektor Scan

C. Sunduka will charge the clubs a fee of 10€ per card purchased.

5. Is there a lower limit for payment transactions?

No there is not.

6. What is the VAT policy?

As the activity is in the public interest, there is no VAT charged on the subsidy paid by the consumer. Also, in money transactions between the club and Sunduka, all amounts are VAT-free. Sunduka is liable for VAT on expenses.

7. Does the club commit to Cardu somehow?

No, naturally the club can inform it’s supporters about the card in it’s own channels.

8. Will the club receive a report of the people who bought it?

The consumer’s permission is required at the time of purchase. If he does, then the club will be informed with the report.

9. How long the card is sold?

Until the end of 2020.

10. Will the campaign continue after this?

There is no decision yet.

11. How to buy a Support Card?

In Cardu-app is a published card Suomalaisen urheilun kannatuskortti. It can be found from the list of cards to add. Support card can then be purchased with a credit card. The payment agent BrainTree verifies the payment and, if the information is correct and the card is covered, the purchased mobile card will appear in the user’s Cardu wallet. A receipt for the purchase will be sent to the email used by the consumer to register for Cardu.

12. Can I buy a card in the traditional format?

No you can not. This is not in line with our company values.

13. Can the club get their own loyalty card or membership card?

Yes they can, contact or call to Mikael Grönlund 0405666307.

14. Are there any references to using the service?

A mobile card purchased through Cardu has been in operation for several years. For the longest time it has been used by the Finnish Ski Resort Association with its mobile card.

15. What is Cardu about?

See more from our website

The sports clubs involved

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