Cardu Mailer is the easiest newsletter platform

In addition to the Cardu app, we now also offer a newsletter service. An easy interface and clear pricing that have been created by listening to our customers needs.

The purpose of a newsletter?

  • The Cardu Newsletter provides the organization with exactly the email features needed to communicate with its membership or clientele in the easiest and simplest way possible.
  • The service allows you to create rich Html emails and monitor the effectiveness of your communication.
  • Email allows an organization to reach all of its members whose email address is known, whether or not they have downloaded the Cardu app.

How is Cardu Mailer different from other similar services?

  • The Cardu newsletter is intended for use by the organization itself and because of that, the service does not require an advertising agency to assist.
  • Cardu's newsletter is integrated into the member / customer register. It does not require the synchronization and maintenance of mailing lists or the work and costs involved in using the two systems.
  • When sending an email grouping and targeting recipients is convenient and there can be an unlimited number of target groups.
  • User interface in Finnish and English

Join us, we already have:

1 000 000+

delivered newsletters every month

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Benefits of Cardu Mailer

  • All the features you want from a newsletter service in one package
  • Affordable and reliable domestic service
  • Integrated directly into the member / customer register
  • Easy-to-use interface

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