The most frequently asked questions

How do I get the Cardu app for my phone?

Simply look for Cardu name in the App Store or in the Android Market. You can also use the direct links on the front-page to do this. Additionally, the app's download link will be sent to your phone for the first time when you are adding a card to yourself, for example, using a QR code in a store.

Why can't I download the app?

Cardu is available for almost all smartphone models, but some older devices may be missing from the list. Also, check that you have a user account in your app store. They need to be created if you visit there for the first time. If you experience problems with your registration or using the application, please contact Cardu Support It is a good idea to include a clear description of the problem you have and your phone number in the email.

Why do I have to register to use the app?

Registration is required to distribute the cards to the correct addresses and to identify the information on the cards. Within the application, several different types of cards can be shared and some of them are not generally displayed in the service, but are distributed directly to designated users.

Why do I have to activate the account and does the application send SMS messages that cost me?

Many of the cards in the service are distributed directly by the company / organization to it's members and for that we need the user's phone number. Activation ensures the best possible security and unique content such as different card levels, personal cards (such as business cards), as well as providing unique benefits. The application does not send text messages.

Why is my phone number used to activate my account and why does my phone number always need to be verified if I change it from my profile?

Many of the cards in the service are distributed directly by the company / organization to it's members and for that distribution we need the user's phone number. Phone numbers are secured so that you get the card that belongs to you and that the cards are not distributed to the wrong users.

Does it cost something to download and use Cardu?

Cardu-App is free. Possible costs may accrue from using a data connection, for example, when downloading an application and downloading card contents. The cost of using data connections is determined by your carrier's price list. When using Wlan connections, the data connection fee for the telephone subscription is not collected.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Cardu?

Downloading and installing the application requires internet / data connection. The basic information on the cards is stored for offline use, so you can view them without an internet connection (assuming you have visited that content while connected to internet). You can also view your own cards and basic card information, such as contact information, without an internet connection. Notifications, ads, etc. need an internet connection, otherwise we will not be able to verify that the content is up-to-date.

I'm changing my phone, how do I get Cardu on another phone?

Cardu's content and information is tied to your username. For example, when you buy a new phone, you can remove the application from your previous phone and download it to your new phone, after which you can sign in with your existing account. Your own cards will be downloaded again to your application on your new phone. Your profile and card details are secure on Cardu's service.

I forgot my password, and I can no longer sign in to Cardu. What do I do?

When you open the app from your phone and go to the sign-in view, select 'Forgot password?' The password change link can be delivered by email.

How do I edit my user profile?

You can edit your phone number (requires new verification via SMS), your name and change your password from your profile information. If you need to change your email address, please email

The service does not offer the cards I require, what to do?

Some cards do not appear directly to consumers and are only available to the cardholder, so you can ask whether the company / organization has a card in our service. You can also submit new card suggestions by email to: We strive to take the consumer's wishes into account, as well as possible, and regularly add cards to the service.

How do I use Loyalty Cards in Cardu?

Only part of the cards serve as a loyalty card at the checkout.This is usually mentioned in the card info view or the offer itself. You can also ask for more information from the card holder. Coupons and stamp cards are commonly used at checkouts, showing coupons or stamps to a cashier, for instructions and more information. With Cardu, your card will stay safe and with the Cardu Mobile Card you will always know what benefits you have and where you can take advantage of it.

What is a mobile stamp card?

Stamp card is Cardu's digital version of a traditional stamp card. Open the stamp card view and read the QR code displayed by cashier staff with Cardu's Qr code reader. Using a stamp card always requires an internet / data connection, as the stamps are part of your personal user information. More detailed instructions on the use of the stamp card are also generally written on the stamp card itself and are usually stamp card specific. Digital stamp cards are always at hand. If your phone breaks or disappears, your stamps are safe, as your personal information will remain in Cardu.

How do I stamp my Cardu stamp card?

After earning a stamp, press the Qr code icon on the home screen. Point the reader to the QR code displayed by the cashier. Stamping then happens automatically.

What is a mobile coupon?

Mobile coupon is Cardu's digital version of a traditional paper coupon. Coupons are disposable and are generally used at checkout with cashier. More detailed instructions on how to use the coupon are generally found on the card or the coupon itself. The use of the coupon requires an internet / data connection, since the used coupons are marked on your own account. If your phone brakes or gets lost, your coupons are safe, as your personal information will remain in Cardu.

I entered wrong customer number on a card. How can I change it?

On the home page, press the card until a dialog appears asking if you want to remove the card. Select `Remove card '. Then add the card again with the correct member / customer information.

What is my information used for?

The Cardu application and our operations are bound by the Finnish law on data collection and use. The application does not read the user's call information, sms or e-mail messages, or picture or sound files. Also, Cardu credentials will not be sold to third parties.You can read more about our privacy policy and our privacy practices at terms of use ja privacy policy.

Identity, find accounts on the device -permission is required to enable automatic registration / logging, for example via google + and facebook

Location, precise location (GPS and network-based), approximate location (network-based)  –permission allows you to view nearby loyalty programs, interests, and businesses.

Identity, SMS, send SMS messages  –permission is required during registration in order to deliver a loyalty card for the right person. This verifies the user-provided phone number.

Photos/Media/Files, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, test access to protected storage  –permission is required for Cardu to store your card for offline use, for example when you are abroad and data connections are not in use. Our application does not read, modify or delete any information in your phone that is not related to mobile card information.

Camera/Microphone, take pictures and videos –permission is required only to use the camera to collect the stamps of the digital stamp cards, i.e. to read QR codes. We don't use a microphone anywhere. The app can't read your photo gallery or your recordings.

Device ID & call information, read phone status and identity, full network access, view network connections, use accounts on the device, control Near Field Communication, control vibration, read Google service configuration  –permission is required for example application error messages (when the consumer has no data connection) and NFC for collecting stamps. We also need a data connection to send information to the user, such as notifications and benefits.

Notification settings

Cardu notifications are card-specific and can be turned off from the card settings as follows (Android and iPhone): open the desired card in your wallet and press the round info icon (white “i”). Turn off the “Allow notifications from this card” slider.

You can also turn off application notifications in phone settings (slightly depending on the model) in Notifications -> Application Notifications.

If you did not find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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