Cardu FAQ

The most frequently asked questions

  1. How do I download the Cardu app to my mobile phone?

The easiest way is to search the app in your own appstore. You can also use the direct links on the frontpage to do this. The downloading of the application is completely free of charge.

  1. I am unable to start or complete the download?

Cardu is available for most smartphones, but some older Symbian models as well as Blackberry are not supported. Also check that you have an active account in your appstore. If you are visiting it for the first time you need to register before being able to download applications. If you have trouble registering please contact Please include a detailed description of the problem to your email, in order to speed up the progress.

  1. Why does Cardu require registration?

Registration creates an account for you, which define what kind of content is available for you in Cardu. Some companies have VIP cards, different card levels or benefits that are only available for certain users

  1. Why do I have to activate the account and does the application send SMS messages that cost?

The activation ensures that you have a valid phone number that can be used for identification. This improves data security and enables companies to offer you better, more customized content in the form of coupons and stamp cards. The activation message costs according to your operators charge for normal SMS. The application does not send any other text messages.

  1. Why is my phone number used for account activation and why does it have to be confirmed every time that you change your phone number in the profile information?

Your phone number is a part of identification. Some of the cards utilize it in identifying the user. It is important that the number is correct.

  1. Do the application and its use cost? 

The Cardu app is available completely free of charge. Possible costs may incur from use of mobile data, that can be used during the downloading or when browsing content inside the app. The data prices vary according the operator pricing. When using Wlan connections, no data costs are involved.

  1. Do I need an internet connection for using Cardu?

Downloading and installing the application are not possible without an internet/data connection. You may browse your cards and their basic information such as contact information even without an internet connection. Posts, such as ads require an internet connection, in order to ensure that their content is valid.

  1. I am switching phones. Can I continue using Cardu in my new phone?

The content and data in Cardu are stored on your account. Therefore it will be automatically available for you after you install the application on a new device and log in with your account information.

  1. I forgot my password and can no longer log in. What do I do? 

When you open the application it opens up the sign in window. Tap on `Forgot my password´. This will open up a view where you can order instructions on changing the password to your email.

  1. How can I change my password?

The password can be changed in your profile view.

  1. How can I change information in my profile?

In your profile view you can change your phone number (requires a new verification by SMS), your name and subscribe/unsubscribe to the Cardu newsletter. If you need to change your email, please contact

  1. The cards that I want are not in the service, what do I do?

All cards are not directly visible to consumers. Therefore you can enquire us whether the company/organization has a card in our service. Some cards may also require registration in the store. If you would like to suggest a new card to our service please send us email to We will do our very best to take into account your wishes when developing our selection.

  1. How can I use the cards in the service?

Only some of the cards function as a substitute at the cash register and can be used for identification. This is mentioned usually in the card info or in the offer. You can also ask for additional information from the card owner company/organization. Coupons and stamp cards are usually content that can be used at the point of purchase. Show your Cardu coupon or stamp card to the staff and they will assist you on with the use.

  1. What is a mobile stamp card?

A mobile stamp card is a digital version of a traditional stamp card by Cardu that you can store in your mobile. You use it by opening the stamp card reader either from the stamp card view or the main view. Point the reader to a QR-code presented by the store staff. Reading and stamping are automatic. Use of stamp cards always requires a functioning internet connection, because stamps are recorded to your personal account. This way they are with you even if you are logged in on a different device or need to change phone etc. More detailed instructions on the use can usually be found on the actual stamp card and they are usually specific for that card (e.g. stamp number required).

  1. What is a mobile coupon?

A mobile coupon is a digital version of a traditional coupon by Cardu that is stored in your mobile. Coupons can only be used one and are used at the point of purchase under supervision of the staff. Further instruction on their use can be found in the coupon. Use of mobile coupons always requires a functioning internet connection, because coupons are linked to your personal account. This way they are with you even if you are logged in on a different device or need to change phone etc.

  1. I added wrong customer number to a card. How can I change it?

In the cards view, press the card in question for slightly longer so that a menu opens up asking whether you want to delete it. Choose `Delete card´ and go to add cards view and add the card again, this time with the right number.

  1. What is my account information used for?

We do not sell or give out Cardu user information to any third parties. Read more from our terms of use and  privacy policy.

In case you did not find an answer to your question here, please contact and we will be glad to help with all questions.